BLACKPINK are perhaps the biggest troupe to debut on the South Korean pop music scene in the past year. In fact, they already made some history on the charts in the West. It only makes sense, then, that two of the members of the wildly popular girl group — Jisoo and Rosé — would tackle a song by a similarly massive superstar from the West.

After guesting on the show Radio Star on Wednesday (Jan. 11) — their first-ever talk show appearance — the two BLACKPINK members sat down for an acoustic rendition of Justin Bieber's Ed Sheeran-penned "Love Yourself," with Rosé on guitar. (Fun fact: Rosé grew up in Australia!) It's a super sweet rendition, demonstrating the individual talent of two members of the skyrocketing "Boombayah" group. (Jisoo also seems adorably pleased with herself at the end.)

The only question is: will Justin Bieber see their cover? Diplo recently tweeted about listening to BLACKPINK. It wouldn't be all that surprising if the "Where Are Ü Now" producer sent his friend Biebs a link to watch the duet. Collab!

Check out Jisoo and Rosé performing Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" up top. And if you aren't already obsessed with the troupe, check out some very good reasons to be below.

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