BIG Announcement from the Large Pebble 

Skiers and snowboarders in northern Maine and New Brunswick can start to look forward to a more modern experience at a popular mountain. BigRock Mountain in Mars Hill announced the launching of a new capital investment campaign.

The Financials for The Future 

Travis Kearney, General Manager, feels that now is the right time to invest in a new quad chairlift that will more than double the uphill capacity of BigRock. The price tag of a new quad chairlift comes in around $2.9 million. A new lift would also "reduce life lines, shorten lift rides, and provide a pivotal investment in the future of downhill skiing in Northern Maine/Western New Brunswick,” said Kearney. 

BigRock Press Release
BigRock Press Release
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The Board of Directors Proving Community Comes First 

BigRock Mountain has many programs for skiers of all ages and levels, including partnerships with 13 local schools. The board of directors have made a clear statement that BigRock will be operating for decades to come. President of the board at BigRock, Darrell McCrum said “The Big Rock board sees the importance of investing in our community, making outdoor recreation more accessible, and keeping a county tradition alive. As board president, I could not be more pleased with this project. A new chairlift to the top solidifies our goals for future development and sets up Big Rock for generations to come” 

A stock image of the Quad lift provided to BigRock from Doppelmayr
A stock image of the Quad lift provided to BigRock from Doppelmayr as part of the plan presented for the BigRock Capital Fund Campaign

Now consider this

BigRock is a 501 c(3) non-profit and any donations from the community and businesses are tax deductible and will go directly to this project. As someone who worked for five years at BigRock I can tell you that this "ski hill” is special to many people and generations. I would see countless people who grew up on BigRock come back with their families, even if they live across the country.

You know, when Meatloaf & Jurassic Park were #1

The current double chairlift that takes you to the top of the mountain was installed at BigRock in 1993, and is over 50 years-old. 

Current Double Chairlift at BigRock Mountain in Mairs Hill Jeff Clockedile
Current Double Chairlift at BigRock Mountain in Mairs Hill Jeff Clockedile

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