How did the "the future that all liberals want" meme start? Well, one could argue it abstractly started well before the events of 2016 election cleaved our country into an ever-widening divide, resulting in a current situation that finds both sides denouncing and making fear-fueled generalizations about the other. But in the most literal sense, it began Wednesday afternoon (March 1) when a far-right Twitter account called (at)polNewsNetwork1 tweeted a picture with the caption, "This is the future that liberals want."

The tweeted photo shows a Muslim woman wearing a burka on a train sitting next to what appears to be a drag queen with an excess of shopping bags; this sort of scene is known to New Yorkers as "a perfectly normal day riding the subway in which everybody minds their own business," but apparently rattled some anonymous man or woman who could never hack an everyday Manhattan subway ride to their very core. Twitter users (who saw humor in the fact a picture of two people just sittin' manages to make the alt-right weirdly threatened and angry) soon responded with some actually ridiculous "dystopian" combos of their own.

And yes, Future the rapper definitely came up too. A lot. Scroll down to see the best "the future that liberals want" memes below.

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