If May 2024 temps are an indicator for how hot the summer is going to be, then we need a place to escape the heat. How about the beach? Three websites have done a great job researching and reviewing Maine's best beaches to visit.

I picked one from each that will personally be my first to visit, but I hope to one day see them all. I had no idea that Maine's coast offered so many different unique experiences and has beaches literally for everyone. From surfers, to hikers, to sunbathers, and explorers, here are Maine's best beaches.

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Visitmaine.net Has Provided Their Top Ten Maine Beaches

Sand Beach, ME
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Visitmaine.net has sold me on all ten of their top Maine beaches that they consider the best, but I said I would only choose one, and this will be the first beach for this California guy to visit. Sand Beach is located in Acadia National Park, and even though it's only 300 yards long, the views that I am seeing in photos look spectacular.

Visitmaine.net promotes how soft the sand is, and how remarkable the surrounding Maine coastline views are. They do warn that the water is "freezing" year round but refreshing to locals (Mainers). I never got in the water in California because it was too cold, so I have no problem being a transplant in these situations and enjoying the Maine views and sun.

U.S. News Travel Has Compiled Their Top Ten Maine Beaches

U.S. News Travel and Visitmaine.net share a couple of the same opinions on what are considered Maine's best beaches, but one appealed to me immediately on this list. Cape Elizabeth.

Portland Head Light
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Before I did a little research on beach in Maine, this is how I imagined all Maine beaches to look; rocky cliffs, little to no sand, and a lighthouse. I'm glad I was wrong, but also want to enjoy my ignorant fantasy of a "Maine beach," and Cape Elizabeth is perfect.

For a small fee, you can sunbathe, swim, and search for crabs. Being a history buff, one of the biggest selling points is that Cape Elizabeth is the home of Maine's oldest lighthouse, Portland Head Light. This will be a little bit of a drive for me to get to, but it is the second beach in Maine that I look forward to exploring as things heat up.

Trip Advisor's Top Ten Maine Beaches Are Reviewed by Visitors

I love tripadvisor.com's top ten Maine beaches list because they are reviewed and rated by everyday people who actually visited them. This made it extremely easy to choose the third beach that I will visit this hot summer.

Popham Beach
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Out of 416 reviews, Popham Beach, ME has received 5 out of 5 stars. That's unheard of and has convinced me to check this place out immediately. Another selling point, it is fairly close to Boothbay Harbor, another Maine destination on my bucket list. I can check off two in one day.

Reviewers have shared that walking on Popham Beach is like being on a different planet. One minute you're walking on soft sand, and the next a little rocky island. Many reviewers have also shared that this is a great beach for kids to explore and run freely.

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Don't forget your sunscreen and whether you're a Mainer or a "from away" as myself, have fun exploring "new" Maine beaches this summer!

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