Kiddos in the Caribou area got an extra blessing as they walked onto 'Bess The Book Bus" and walked off with a free book. The trip was amazing, to say the least.

'Bess the Book Bus' is a mobile literacy outreach and was founded in Tampa, Florida in 2002.

Bess makes her way to some of the most underserved communities across America, reading aloud to children and giving away books. Bess' goal is to build home libraries and lifelong readers in our communities.

Jennifer E. Frances is the captain of Bess and has a real burden to see children reading.

They serve 30,000+ kids and give away more than 50,000 books in over 20 states each year. That's a lot, but she doesn't mind at all.

If you would like to help 'Bess the Book Bus' on her journey and play a role in helping kids stay literate, you can donate $1 to the cause here, which allows Bess to give away up to three new books to kiddos in our neck of the woods.

Special thanks to the United Way of Aroostook County for getting 'Bess the Book Bus' to visit us in the County.

Check out the video below and take a tour of Bess, yourself. Have fun! 


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