Celebrating our nation's independence is a big deal and certainly calls for a big celebration. However, there are neighbors who may be affected by it.

We're certainly not trying to stifle and fun you might have with friends and family with BBQ's, music and fireworks, but just know that there are many veterans with post-traumatic stress and fireworks can cause them discomfort.

Especially nowadays, many years after the end of the Cold War, many soldiers have served overseas and have been exposed to hostile conditions, gunfire, missiles, and bombs that would go off at any given time, while on the battlefield.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, nearly 11 to 20-percent of military members, who have served, or are currently serving, will suffer from this condition this year.

The bangs, booms, cracks, and whistles can cause some bad memories for our veterans who have served in a combat situation.

According to one social worker at a veterans hospital, "A simple knock on the door to ask your veteran neighbor if it would be o.k. to set off fireworks is all it takes."

Veterans with PTS and fireworks, in many cases, are not a good mix. So, be a good neighbor and at least let your veteran neighbor know what you plan to do to celebrate Independence Day, so they can prepare themselves.



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