Most of us in Maine are familiar with Lumber Jacks, who go into the forest and cut, chop, and saw trees. But did you know that Maine also has Lumber Jills?

When it comes to chopping, cutting, sawing, log rolling, and even squirrel calling (Emily's hidden talent), these ladies don't play around and they take it seriously!

And they're very good at it!

Much of the Axe Women of Maine comes from the vision and passion of Alissa and Mike Wetherbee. They have been competing in lumber sports for many years!

What Is An Iron Jill?

An Iron Jill in today's terms means that a lady competes in chopping, sawing, axe throwing, and log rolling. Alissa and some of her teammates are indeed Iron Jill's.

What Inspired These Ladies To Be Iron Jills?

During World War II, over 4,900 women joined what was called the W.L.A.T.C. (Women's Land Army Timber Corps). This was their way to contribute to the war effort during that time.

These women were no softies either.

Many of them worked in Great Brittain chopping, loading, crosscutting, driving tractors, working with horses, measuring and operating sawmills and whatever else needed to be done during those times. And many times these were done in adverse weather.

They certainly were no fair-weather Limber Jills, that's for sure!

So, there was plenty of inspiration for the Axe Women of Maine.

The Axe Women of Maine Team!

The ladies on this team are far from neophytes when it comes to the sport. Many of them have anywhere from 10 to 20-years experience and more. They are high ranking gals in their class and not just in Maine.

They are National and World Champions and they can really put on a show!

Don't be surprised if you don't see them competing in a county fair in Maine or in a county fair in another state.

If you want to see where they're going and where they've been, click the link here and see if they are going to compete in a town or city near you.

Our hope is that we can get them to the County in the near future to entertain those of us in Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick.

We wish them the very best as they travel and compete in 2018!







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