The Closing Date is August 1, 2022

Northern Light Health AR Gould Hospital said it will be closing the primary care clinic in Mars Hill on August 1, 2022.

Statement from Greg LaFrancois

A press release sent out on Tuesday, June 28 addressed some of the decisions and plans going forward. Greg LaFrancois, the president of Northern Light Health AR Gould Hospital, said:

This was an incredibly difficult decision to make. Ultimately, with the challenges of regular provider coverage at the clinic and overall staffing shortages at our facilities, it made the most sense to close this practice that has low primary care use. We do have the ability at other locations to cover the need.

Patients Receiving Notice in the Mail

Letters have been sent to patients who are affected by the change. There’s information about local primary care providers within Northern Light Health practices who can accept new patients.

Additional Comments

LaFrancois also said:

Our biggest priority now is to help our primary care patients get established with another provider. We want to ensure their care continues with very little disruption. Whether patients stay within our primary care family or opt for a provider outside of our system, we are committed to helping their transition of care be as seamless as possible. We are also committed to providing care at one of our other offices until a patient is able to establish care with a new provider.

Relocating Staff

The three staff members at the Mars Hill location will be relocated within the organization. LaFrancois said, “These are excellent employees, and we really hope they opt to stay with us. Each has been provided with a list of all of the open positions within the organization, and we have given them the option of picking any position for which they are qualified.”

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Additional Info

Northern Light Health AR Gould Hospital recommends patients contact the clinic for questions.

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