You may have seen a recent study reportedly done out of Harvard University claiming that aliens may live among us. Okay, let's pretend this is a possibility and think like an alien. Where would you go in the United States?

HINT: Maine is The Answer


If you guessed any of the other 49 states, then you aren't thinking like an alien. Get your extraterrestrial act together and try again.

Think about it, outside of Hawaii, Maine has the greatest air quality. This gives our outer space visitors the best shot to avoid breathing in too many earthling toxins. Maine has a LOT of water, and most importantly, quite a bit of remote areas where they can conduct their experiments without getting caught.

Have Aliens Been Spotted in Maine?

Unidentified Flying Object UFO

According to many, many, sources, yes and no. These are the 26 towns in Maine that have witnessed the most UFO sightings.  HOWEVER, and not to burst your saucer-shaped bubble, back in March, the Pentagon shot down just about every UFO claim and explained away the sightings as usually a balloon, drone, satellite, or basically anything other than an alien spacecraft.

So yes, many have claimed that they have seen an alien in regard to their spacecraft, but not a single report of an actual alien lifeform.

Has Anyone in Maine Claimed to Have Seen an Alien Outside a UFO?

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In short, no. Why hasn't anyone considered the fact that many "UFOs" have been spotted but not a single resemblance of an actual alien lifeform on the ground? I refuse to believe that any creature from another planet who most likely traveled several lightyears, wouldn't want to get out of their ride and stretch their legs ... or tentacles ... or whatever they may have.

Maine Is 36th in the US with Most UFO Sightings

From 1969 through 2024, there have been almost 1200 reported UFO sightings in Maine alone. Again, not a single one was followed by seeing a lifeform. You'd think that these space travelers would want to get out and have a snack, too.

Undefined flying objects in the sky. UFO.
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The most reported description of a UFO in Maine is a "light" and most reportings occur late Saturday ... ok. I'm going to detour here because I believe that I'm unintentionally solving several mysteries.

There is no real evidence. Most sightings of UFOs occur late Saturday nights. The most popular description of the UFOs on Saturday nights is "lights" in the sky. I've seen a lot of lights (neon) late on a weekend night, too and they continued to get brighter as the night became morning. As for the report out of Harvard, it appears to be quite arbitrary and purely fantasy.

Have you seen a UFO?  I'd love to hear your experience.

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