They've been on the scene since 2010, and somehow, the ever-rotating roster of K-pop princesses known collectively as 9Muses have yet to come in first place on any popular South Korean music program, including Music Bank, M Countdown and Inkigayo, after seven years.

For longtime fans of the underrated group in all of its various lineups (9Muses only contained nine actual muses for about thirty seconds, after all), their latest comeback as a four-piece (with one member, Sungah, on hiatus) — Muses Diary Part.2 : Identity out on Monday (June 19) — is a worrying sign to some fans. Is this release a final sign-off before contracts expire and the girls go their separate ways? it a new beginning?

Because the mini-album's lead single, "Remember," might just be good enough to push the determined girl group into the top slot.

The seductive, slightly menacing track is a standout in all its shadowy, finger-snapping swagger, complete with a breathy rap and an all-out explosion of an EDM-laced chorus — and the dark accompanying visual only adds to the song's ominous quality.

As for a plot? Fans have been crafting intriguing theories in the video's comments section, ranging from multiple personality disorder to an elaborate interpretation of childhood trauma, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly what's happening. Bathtubs, teddy bears, loaded guns, bloody bags and mirrors galore: it's basically CSI: Seoul meets Alice in Wonderland.

The group's mature turn is going over well with diehard fans and newcomers alike thus far: "This song is too good to flop. Please don't make this another underrated comeback, make their hard work pay off," Dxnid _ pleads.

"I swear, if 9Muses will not get their first win with this amazing comeback, i'm going to move on Saturn or Jupiter," Alain S pledges. (Don't make him move — it's an expensive flight.)

In a world where no girl group's fate is certain, will one of K-Pop's most enduring troupes finally have their day and stay going strong? We'll find out soon enough.

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