How about a story with a quick and happy ending? We can always use a positive story to try to outweigh all of the negative posts we see. The Facebook group page "Remembering Times Growing up in Ashland, ME" gave us a good story about a class ring from 1934. 

How the ring was found

A member of the group made a post with the picture of a ring that her brother had found earlier when on a walk. The gentleman discovered the ring in Portage and noticed it had the initials L.P.P. engraved on the ring. 



Time to crack the case

If you look closer at the ring you can also see an "A" at the center of the ring and then "HS" at the bottom of the crest. Given the area where this was discovered it made it easy to feel that this was a ring from someone who attended Ashland High School.  


That's small town livin'

The great thing about living in Maine is that when we need a little help, we can always find it with our friends and neighbors. Once this was posted several comments from people came flooding in an attempt to solve the case quickly. You might think this is the advantage of social media, but I think the timeliness of finding the owner has more to do with small town living. 

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The posting of the ring and the quick research of those who felt they had a good lead on who owned the ring led to the case being solved in less than one hour! That is amazing work from the detective team in the Remembering Times Growing up in Ashland, ME. The ring had belonged to Lewis Prue and his children were contacted about the ring.  

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