It's no secret that no matter what the season or where the location, Northern New England is one of the best places to live in the country. We have everything here all within a couple of hours maximum -- woods, mountains, beaches, lakes -- you name it, we have it.

Northern New England thrives in the fall when it comes to foliage, in the winter when it comes to multiple ski and snowboard options, and in the summer for the countless beaches and lakes spread out everywhere.

Maine Cities and Towns

Over the weekend, a question was asked in the Everything Maine group on Facebook that got some gears turning and motors running.

"If you could live anywhere in Maine, where would you live, and why?"

Over 380 people, made up mostly of Mainers but also from people from away, pretty much covered the entire state with the insane amount of destinations they named. Just to give you a sample of: 1) How different peoples' answers were, and 2) How there is definitely something from everyone in Maine, we took 50 different destinations in Maine that were named.

50 Different Maine Destinations Desired By People if They Could Live Anywhere

Some people wanted to live in the secluded woods, some wanted to live right on the coast, and others wanted to live in between.

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Maine offers a killer fall that’s hard to beat. Here's a list of some iconic places in Maine for leaf peepin' this season.

17 Must-Visit Maine Attractions

Got the day off and you want to take a family road trip, but you are at a loss for where to go? Check out this list of 17 "must visit" Maine attractions.

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