A recent study regarding the richest NFL players ever draws many conclusions. First off, it pays to be a professional athlete. Secondly, there's some decent representation for our hometown team, the New England Patriots.

Our friends over at the lifestyle website TheFW.com got their hands on some cool info that shines light on the richest players in the NFL. The data comes from Stacker and Celebrity Net Worth. The two sites worked out a methodology to rank the top 50 NFL players and personalities. You can read more about the methodology here.

The list of 50 includes five men with New England Patriots experience. By my math, that means the Patriots own 10% of the list. Not bad for one of the most successful organizations in the league.

The five Patriots with their respected rankings are...

3. Tom Brady - $250 million 

Brady is no surprise. Besides his contract, Brady is a marketing wiz. His TB12 brand continues to expand. He's in more commercials than anyone could count. However, we will see if his connection to defunct crypto company FTX and his impending divorce will negatively affect his worth.

14. Tom Condon - $100 million

Condon only played one year in New England, his final season, in 1985. The Connecticut native has made his worth after his career by becoming one of the top player agents in the league.

21. Cam Newton - $75 million

The former league MVP had a short stint with New England, following the departure of Tom Brady. Newton was another strong marketable player, who made over $130 dollars on the field.

41. Drew Bledsoe - $48 million 

The star before the Brady Era began, Bledsoe made quite a bit of money in his day. Now, the former number 1 draft pick is a wine maker.

42. Albert Haynesworth - $45 million

The former defensive linemen made most of his money with the then-Washington Redskins. The team gave him a $100 million-dollar, non-guaranteed deal for some reason. I assume a lot of his worth was lost in lawsuits.

It's certainly an eclectic group of five, some with much more fond memories than others. I'm sure many of us would like to forget the Albert Haynesworth era. And honestly, I had no idea Condon was ever on the Patriots.

As for number 1, that distinction goes to Roger Staubach, who has a net worth of $600 million. The former Cowboy quarterback made the majority of his fortune as a real estate mogul. Not a bad direction to go in once you hang up the cleats.

You can see the entire list of 50 below.

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To uncover the richest NFL players, Stacker consulted Celebrity Net Worth and ranked them by their 2022 net worth, calculated using a proprietary formula. 

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