Have you noticed ads looking for policemen? Recently there have been recruitment ads for local police departments and county and state forces as well.

And a Federal program will lead to more hiring in law enforcement also.

Washington is spending $139 million for more policing in America.

What does that mean to Maine?

5 different police departments will get to hire with Maine’s portion of that federal spending.

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The money is coming out of the Justice Department’s budget through their ‘Office of Community Oriented Policing Services’ hiring program.

It will lead to about a thousand new hires across the country, and is expected to help with the problem of hiring and retention in law enforcement across the country.

Maine Police Departments that will receive funds are Biddeford, Brunswick and Caribou. They will each be able to hire one extra officer each using the federal money. Mexico will get a little less money than those other 3 departments but will be able to hire an extra officer. And Penobscot County will hire 2 more officers.

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