Earth Day is all about cycling and recycling.  It's a perfect time to get out your bike and get it ready to go for the warm months ahead.  You might also want set aside an hour for spring cleaning and putting the old motto "reduce, reuse, recycle" into real, practical use.

Charley Gallay/ Getty images
Charley Gallay/ Getty images

Here are 5 things you could try today that could become life-long habits.

1.  Take a Walk in The Woods.   Visiting the place that so many other species call home is one of the best ways to gain perspective on being kind to your local planet.

2.  Don't Buy So Much Stuff.   Buying in bulk not only saves you money, but cuts back on the amount of packaging that gets thrown into the trash.  And do you really need another doohickey? Not to mention another thingamabob.

3.  Consolidate Your Rides.   Keep track of how many times you hop into the SUV this week to take a drive into town.  Cutting down on impulsive trips not only reduces vehicle emissions but saves you gas and time.

4.  Buy Local.  The benefits of buying locally-produced goods are many.  Fresher produce, reduced transportation costs, and supporting your neighbor.  This year, plan to visit your local farmer's market and enjoy the benefits of locally-grown food.

5.  Plant a Tree.  Spending a few minutes today with the kids to plant a seedling leaves a lasting heritage for your family and your corner of the world.

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