Here's the scenario. You're cruising down the road listening to Current Hits, Classic Rock, or a Classic Hits radio station and a song comes on that sends you to a time of summers gone by.

We've reached into the graveyard of possible forgotten-favorites, to bring you some of our favorite summertime songs that we enjoyed so much through the years.

Here are 5 songs that we really dig. (Of course, there are more, but we'll let you post your favorite summertime videos in the comments section below).

#5 "Summer Breeze" - Seals & Croft (1972)

#4 "Summer Time Blues" - Eddie Cochran (1968)

#3 "Rain in the Summer Time" - The Alarm (1987)

#2 "Cruel Summer" - Bananarama (1984)

#1 "All Summer Long" - Kid Rock (2007)


BONUS SONG - Yes, we had to throw in a bonus song. For those of you who were around in the 80's know that we just couldn't complete our list without this one.

As we said before, there are many all-time favorite summertime songs. Post your favorite summertime video in the comments section below.

Have a fun and safe summer! 







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