For the love of all that is holy...another stupid storm is getting ready to tear through Maine!  After, we've already had a taste of Spring weather.  After, most of the snow has melted.  We're not talking inches...we're talking in FEET!  This is clearly punishment because I haven't taken down my Christmas tree.  I can easily think of 20 dreadful things I'd rather do, than deal with more flippin' snow!

  1. Listen to someone chew their food, with their mouth open, for 48 hours!
  2. Give birth, naturally, to a 10lb baby
  3. Chew on tinfoil with a silver filling
  4. Watch the Star Wars Saga
  5. Give my kid a drum set
  6. Give up chocolate for a year
  7. Get a tattoo on my tongue
  8. Have my nipple pierced
  9. Grow out my armpit hair and dye it
  10. Get my entire body waxed
  11. Ask Caitlin Jenner for female advice
  12. Allow a manatee to live in my bathtub
  13. Wear an entire blaze orange outfit.
  14. Be stuck in a vehicle with my gassy husband
  15. Study for the SAT's
  16. Hold in a poop when i have to cough
  17. Eat soggy cereal every morning for breakfast
  18. Bite my tongue every time I talk
  19. Have paper cuts, on my finger tips, and have to soak my hands in alcohol
  20. Step on a Lego

I hate snow.  I hate winter.  Can this just be done, already?

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