The Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library will soon bring commercial truck driver federal hazmat licensing to northern Maine.  As of January 1, 2017, the library in Presque Isle will be offering Transportation Security Administration Universal Enrollment Services for commercial truck drivers and commercial trucking companies that transport hazardous material for manufacturing, compressed natural gas and other flammables for heating purposes. 

Prior to January 2014, a UES site existed in Houlton. But, for the past two years, there are only two UES sites operating in the State of Maine; in Brewer and in Portland.

There are over 6,200 commercial drivers’ licenses held by residents of Aroostook County and more than 500 of those currently hold federal endorsements, according to the Maine Secretary of State. When those drivers have needed to renew their federal endorsements, they've had to drive several hours to Brewer, presenting an obstacle and inconvenience for the drivers and companies.


Library Director Sonja Eyler says the new services require library staff to attend a week-long training course to become certified. The services will involve preparing some documentation as well as taking photographs and fingerprints. It will also mean a new revenue stream for the library.

Mark & Emily Turner Library

“This positions the library to offer services to individuals who may not have come to the library previously and really makes the library relevant to a broader audience. In addition, it allows the library to be instrumental in removing a barrier for new or continued employment of commercial drivers.”

For more information on the new services or any other services and programs offered by the Mark & Emily Turner Library, visit the website at or call 764-2572.


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