Every week at PopCrush, we’re putting the spotlight on one up-and-coming act you need to know about. Why? So you can get on board early before everyone else and their mother jumps on the bandwagon…and so you can be that one friend in the group who’s always like, “Um, actually, I prefer their earlier work.”

Superstar electronic acts keep getting younger and younger, and Filous is no exception. ("Filous," by the way, is the French word for "rascal.")

The 19-year-old Austrian talent-on-the-rise began his foray into music by learning to play several instruments, eventually moving into the EDM realm. As opposed to festival-friendly beat-dropping smoke blasters, Filous' tracks are more emotional, chilled out and complex in construction, with a quirky production style that makes him decidedly unique.

His emotive remixes for tracks like Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love," Troye Sivan's "Fools" and Porter Robinson's "Divinity" quickly caught the attention of the HypeMachine crowd and beyond, propelling his name forward to the point of inking a deal with Ultra Records.

Last year, Filous released his Dawn EP, spawning cuts like "Shaded In (feat. Jordan Leser)" and "How Hard I Try (feat. James Hersey)," which went on to become a minor hit in his homeland.

His latest track, "Emelie," is a romantic, wistful-sounding, harmonica-infused (!) ode, crafted alongside fellow Austrian producer MOUNT and Swedish singer-songwriter, Buster Moe. And today, we're bringing you the exclusive premiere of the vibrant, paint-filled video for "Emelie," which was creatively conceived by the artist himself.

"While working on this track with MOUNT, I already had a very clear image of the visual esthetic of the music and its lyrical content," Filous tells PopCrush of the accompanying video.

"Because of this, it was very important for me to be involved as much as possible in the creation process of the music video! As this is the first time I wrote the initial concept of a music video, I am especially excited to share this one with everybody!"

Check out the video for "Emelie" above — and for more, keep up with Filous on Twitter and Facebook, as well as MOUNT on Twitter and Facebook.

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