Flashback to 2014, Ciara and Future were a happy couple, one of hip-hop's most prominent couples actually. Somewhere along the line, their relationship fell apart and things turned for the worst. In the present time, although the former couple shares a beautiful son, baby Future, they seemingly can't stand each other. They're even suing each other.

In February of 2016, Ciara filed suit against Future citing that comments made by the rapper about her could be interpreted as slander. The $15 million defamation lawsuit took the entire industry by surprise and stemmed from a Twitter rant Future had regarding his visitation access with their son. “I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture…the fuckery for 15k a month,” he wrote on Twitter. Cici was also pissed at an interview in which Future commented on her husband-to-be, Russell Wilson, pushing baby Future in a stroller. Ciara's lawsuit is in efforts to prevent Future from ever discussing their family matters in public ever again.

Future counter-sued in April explaining that his comments couldn't have had a negative effect on her career because it was seemingly over at the time. He's also seeking repayment for his legal fees.

It's obvious things are a bit shaky between Ciara and Future, so let's have a look back at happier times.