Nelly has some dedicated fans.

The "Hot in Herre" rapper found himself in quite a fix when he learned that he owes $2.4 million in unpaid taxes to the IRS. But his fans were quick to help out -- not by setting up a GoFundMe for the 41-year-old -- but by streaming his hit song, "Hot in Herre" among others in a campaign dubbed #SaveNelly.

And they've made a dent. According to Billboard, streams of "Hot In Herre" have increased by 90 percent overall. Last Tuesday (Sept. 13), streams of the track had a 219 percent increase. Usually, "Hot in Herre" gets about 50,000 to 60,000 streams per day but fans brought it up to 269,000. As for Spotify, Nelly neared a 200 percent increase on Tuesday (Sept. 13) and Wednesday (Sept. 14) compared to the week before. However, the high numbers are starting to dwindle down as in the past few days and totaled to 714,000 overall in the past week.

According to SPIN, the St. Louis native will need "Hot in Herre" to be streamed 287,176,547 times to pay off his $2 million debt.

No word from Nelly on the movement but we're sure he's keeping busy to pay off this large debt. After performing for the troops overseas, Nelly is set to perform some of his classic hits with the St. Louis Symphony next year.

He also has two diamond certified records for his debut album, Country Grammar, and the track, "Cruise," to keep him warm in the meantime. We're rooting for you, Nelly!