Here’s a look at the activity log of the past week from Troop F of the Maine State Police, headquartered in Houlton.

Troop F Maine State Police

May 9 – Trooper Sucy was requested as a DRE from Houlton PD. The Houlton PD Officer stopped a man for a traffic infraction and suspected the man to be impaired. Tr. Sucy was called in and after conducting an evaluation determined the man was impaired on CNS stimulants, narcotic analgesics, and cannabis. The man was arrested by HPD

May 9 – Tr. Casavant was called to Mars Hill for a report of criminal mischief. A male subject reportedly had his tires slashed in the night and the case remains under investigation.

May 9  – Troopers Saucier and Sylvia responded to Cary Plantation on an anonymous call of a man there violating his bail conditions. No violation was found during a subsequent search, but the 46-year-old man was arrested on an active warrant out of Bangor District Court for theft.

May 11  – Tr. Levesque is currently investigating a violation of conditions of release from Mars Hill involving a male and female. The two were previously dating (about a year ago) and he was arrested for assaulting her. The female reported that someone left her voicemail stating they love and miss her and she suspects it is her ex-boyfriend. He still has bail conditions prohibiting him from contacting her (he has violated the bail in the past). Tr. Levesque is currently awaiting telephone records.

May 12 – Tr. Casavant was called to St. Agatha for a report of juveniles spinning up a farm field. The 18-year-old males were located and the unregistered vehicle was towed due to being stuck, but was not operated on a public way. The owner did not want to pursue charges and the two males were warned for trespassing.

May 12 – Troopers Bell, Endre, and Sgt. Fuller investigated a domestic violence assault in Bridgewater. The female suspect fled on foot after biting and hitting her live-in boyfriend and biting a female third party. A canine track was conducted with the female suspect being found and arrested. The male victim was on bail and violated with an extremely high breath alcohol concentration. The male was arrested. The third party female did not want to press charges.

May 12 – Cpl. Hafford and Tr. Curtin worked with the group Community Voices and Fort Kent PD to present a mock fatal crash to the students at Fort Kent High School. The host of the event was retired Det. Brian Strout, who agreed to come back to the Valley and put the event on again. Det. Strout first hosted the mock in Fort Kent 4 years ago. The event was very well received by the students and facility at FKHS.

May 13 – Cpl. Michaud and Tr. Curtin arrested a 62-year-old Allagash man for violating a protection order. The man called police after reporting his neighbor sent someone onto his property to get firewood violating the order indirectly. Both parties have orders against each other and after reviewing the video surveillance the complainant was arrested for yelling obscenities at the other party. Multiple complaints have been filed over the past several weeks by both parties.

May 13 – Tr. Darcy charged a 29-year-old Linneus female for Violation of Conditions of Release. The woman was at the Troop F barracks for an unrelated matter and failed a drug test.

May 14 –Sgt. Clark arrested a Shin Pond man after the man through his wife’s clothes outside and set them on fire. Sgt. Clark conducted an investigation into the incident and was able to arrest the man without incident.

May 15 – Tr. Pescitelli responded to a structure fire in Littleton at the request of the Littleton Fire Department. The home owner was upset about the amount of fire fighters on his property and was not being cooperative with the ambulance crew that was at the scene. Tr. Pescitelli spoke with the EMT’s and Fire Chief and determined no crime had been committed. The man had calmed down and said he would be fine; he refused any help that was presented to him. The man’s home is a total loss.

May 15 – Tr. Sylvia began investigating a report of a stolen purse in Amity. The purse went missing three days ago and was first believed to have been misplaced, but after never locating the purse the family now believes it to be stolen and they have a suspect in mind. The case remains under investigation.

May 15 – Cpl. Michaud and Tr. Casavant were called out to a reported domestic assault in Westfield. The both parties reported being assaulted, but neither wanted to cooperate with law enforcement. The female was forcefully removed from the residence by the male and then broke a window trying to gain entry. The female suffered from mental issues and went to TAMC for treatment for cuts from the glass and a swollen and bruised arm. DA Todd Collins was consulted and based on the totality of the circumstances declined to prosecute. The female was in contact with family to come get her and was offered other services.

May 13 – Troopers from Troop F attended the Special Olympics Games held in Presque Isle and helped out by running the standing long jump event and handing out medals and awards. This marks the 30th consecutive year that Troop F has helped out at the Special Olympics, running the standing long jump event for the last 25 years. (Ret) Tr. John York was instrumental in beginning our involvement in the Games back in 1986 and after his retirement in 2004, Troop F Troopers kept the tradition going. This year there were approximately 300 athletes competing in the Games. Troop F was presented a plaque in recognition of their 30 years of participation.