You should know by now that 19-year-old Brooklyn rapper Desiigner gets super hype when he performs his hit song "Panda," but apparently Justin Bieber wasn't aware.

Desiigner was performing his No. 1 smash the other night at 1 OAK in New York City when his set spilled over into the V.I.P. area where Bieber was looking on from. TMZ reports that Desiigner "stomped" on Bieber's feet multiple times, prompting Biebervelli to give Desiigner a nice clean shove. You can see the footage above.

This might cause some internal strife in Kanye West's camp. G.O.O.D. Music signed Desiigner earlier this year, and rumors have abounded that Kanye is now being managed by Bieber's guy Scooter Braun. Kanye's camp told XXL this wasn't true, but did say Scooter is a close friend and consultant of Yeezy. Their conversation about this little scuffle should be interesting, to say the least.

Desiigner reportedly turned around and said "My bad" after it happened before getting escorted out of the club - not because of the scuffle, but because he's under 21 and technically not supposed to be in the club.

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