Azealia Banks appeared in court yesterday (Nov. 29) to face misdemeanor assault charges stemming from an incident last December.

The controversial rapper was arrested last December following an altercation in which she allegedly bit a bouncer’s breast outside of the New York nightclub Up&Down. She is currently facing misdemeanor assault, attempted assault and disorderly conduct charges. She'd missed her previous court dates due to health reasons and for missing her flight back in September, however the judge made it clear that if she didn't appear yesterday, she could face jail time.

Page Six reports that upon finding photographers outside of the courthouse, she became upset, screaming, “You’re a s - - thead! You're a f---ing asshole!" to the paparazzi.

Banks has emerged as a controversial figure, particularly this year for her outlandish remarks and behavior. Most recently, she was involved in a bizarre altercation with Russell Crowe after being invited to a party by RZA and also faced backlash for her public support of Donald Trump.

“First off, I would like to apologize to Donald Trump for all the stupid jokes I made,” the rapper, who has reportedly said she is bi-polar, wrote on Instagram. “Secondly, I would like to apologize for all the other times I was dumb enough to let the liberal media sway my opinion of you. I am TRULY inspired by this and feel deep amounts of vindication. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not crazy (even though I fronted a few times) liberals run hollywood and it’s been a COLD WORLD OUT HERE FOR ME AS A TRUMP SUPPORTER. Best of luck on everything and thanks again.”

At any rate, we'll see how her most recent court appearance plays out.


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