Well here it is, the first trail report of the season. If this is what the season will be like, we are in for one awesome winter. 

There hasn’t been many times that we have a blanket of almost 2 feet of snow that has covered the entire Crown of Maine at this time of year. But unfortunately with the nearly 2 feet came some of the heaviest and most damaging snow that we have seen since the ice storm.


Most projects have been out since the snow ended last week and they have made progress in opening their sections of trails. Most trailmasters and volunteers are saying that there are still a lot of trees and branches in the trails.

Caution will need to be used when out there as most wooded areas still have open water and if clubs have not been through those sections of trails to clear the trees riding should be avoided in those areas. All area clubs will be out working trails this weekend so if you are itching to come up to the County most projects could use extra volunteers to help clear tree’s.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Use Caution, as clubs still need to put up markers and signs, and of course tree’s to be removed.  Lakes and Ponds are still not safe to be on. This cold weather that we are experiencing and what is forecasted for the weekend will certainly help freeze the water and ground.

The underlying message in this report is all clubs still are working very hard to get the system up and running in its entirety.  So again if you are planning on coming up be prepared for what is going to be slow going in places with limited signs, water in areas and a lot of branches and tree’s down. So if you want to help out most clubs can use the extra hands to get what is known as the best trail system in the Northeast.

From the Desk of Gary Marquis, Caribou Parks & Recreation Department, 55 Bennett Drive