No doubt you or someone you know has experienced terrible migraine headaches and living in the County may not help.

According to some who research migraine headaches, the answer as to why people get them may be blowin' in the wind.

Historically, some people thought that their migraine headaches had something to do with windy weather conditions, but scientists were not able to prove that theory to be the case.

Scientists compared the notes of 75 different people who experienced migraines in their research.

They are now looking at the possibility of Chinook Winds playing a major role as to why people have are getting migraines in Wyoming, but winds can be a contributing factor anywhere if they strong enough.

And if you have lived any length of time in the County, then you know it can get pretty windy here.

According to the National Migraine Association, 23 million Americans suffer from migraines with the cause being blood vessels in the brain expanding and causing painful pressure against nerves.

Dr. Werner Becker, Professor Emeritus with the University of Calgary, Department of Clinical Neurosciences researched the connection between migraines and the wind and concluded that wind can certainly be a trigger.

Dr. Becker also found that 32 out of 75 patients tested experienced a migraine during a Chinook.

Since wind is no stranger to us in the County, then no doubt the answer to the migraine mystery really is...blowin' in the wind.






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