It's that time of year again when the weather breaks and you find yourself looking for something fun to do outside, with your friends and family, in the County.

The Downtown Revitalization is hosting their second annual 'Rocking on Riverside' event at Riverside Park in the Star City.

So, who has the best act?

This is a tough one, as each act brings their own flare and style to the table when they perform, which is a huge benefit to those they are entertaining.

Even though Ben and Jerry's make different flavors of ice cream, you know that there is that one that we call our favorite.

Please take a moment and vote on your favorite 'Rocking on Riverside' act that you plan to see this summer at Riverside Park.

Feel free to share with friends to vote also. This is just for fun and the results, in no wise, are scientific or final. Just a fun way to show some love to our favorite, local music act.


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