The Women's March movement, which organized January's International Women's March, invites everyone to be proactive today (May 8) and partake in the Women's March Sit-In.

According to the group's Instagram feed, there will be sit-ins at congressional offices. These are coordinated with ACLU People Power, United We Dream, Hollaback!, National Lawyers Guild, and The Gathering for Justice, says Refinery 29. The purpose of such actions is to, "Rise up, together, against attacks on our health care, our identities, and our religious freedoms. We ... collectively fight for dignity, justice and freedom," notes today's Women's March Instagram post.

People are encouraged to sign the Pledge of Liberation to support the sit-ins and the Women's March agenda as a whole.

Part of the pledge states, "The attacks on queer and trans people, on disabled people, on Black, brown and Indigenous people, on immigrants, on poor people, on Muslim and Jewish people, the attacks on health care and the environment, the rendering of violence against women as a pre-existing condition — these are all one assault on our fundamental rights to live with dignity, autonomy and liberty."

If you'd like to attend a sit in, read the Pledge of Liberation: Day of Action Toolkit. Find a sit-in in here, or organize one within your community. Among other guidelines for demonstrations, the Women's March discourages violence, property destruction, and carrying a weapon. Learn more at the website.

Today’s #SignOfResistance is by @nicolaslampert via @justseeds. On Monday, May 8, along with ACLU People Power, United We Dream, Hollaback!, National Lawyers Guild, The Gathering for Justice, and other national and local partners, we will take our resistance directly to our members of Congress. We will send a clear message that we will rise up, together, against attacks on our health care, our identities, and our religious freedoms. We no longer accept hollow reforms or compromises that help some of our communities but harm others. We will hold demonstrations in solidarity with communities around the country and collectively fight for dignity, justice and freedom. We are all part of one movement, and we are not only stronger and more powerful together—our unity is how we survive as people, organizations, and movements. Just as we pledge our allegiance to each other, we will remind our members of Congress of their allegiance to us—the voters. We ask that this allegiance come in the form of real resistance to this administration’s efforts to divide and harm us. This means, among many things, protecting our health care, voting against attempts to further legalize discrimination and violence, and voting for a federal budget that reflects the values five million people marched for on January 21, 2017. (Link in bio) Sign the #PledgeOfLiberation: Find a demonstration near you or register your own: • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A poster in a pink and black filter from a march in front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. A large crowd of people appear holding protest signs. Going vertically down the poster is a column of words written in all caps, white text. The words are “Protest, organize, occupy, walk out, resist, strike, shut it down.”

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On 5/8, six months after Election Day, we call for a nationwide day of action for collective liberation in response to attacks on our health care, our identities, and our lives. Visit (link in bio) for more on tomorrow's #PledgeOfLiberation Day of Action. Tag five friends and ask them to sign the pledge and join you Monday at a demonstration in your city or town. • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square graphic with a blue background says "pledge of liberation at the top." The word "pledge of" is an off-white color. The word "liberation" is red. The "o" in the "liberation" is the Women's March logo of 3 women. Directly below, in off-white text, reads "4 ways to participate on 5/8." Below that is a series of bulletpoints numbered one through four in red text. The first reads "sign the pledge." The second reads "attend a demonstration." The third reads "tweet your hashtag pledge of liberation." The fourth reads "write messages in chalk on streets and sidewalks to your community and elected officials." In the bottom left corner of the graphic is the URL "" The circular Women's March logo appears in the bottom right corner of the graphic. A post shared by Women's March (@womensmarch) on

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