It figures! Typically, I'm a homebody and don't get out much. But the one weekend I'm out of town, a moose decides to stroll through my suburban Bangor!

It started with a text from my friend (who didn't realize I wasn't at home.)

"Meet your new neighbor!!! Real-time, 15th and Ohio St."

Bangor Moose Text exchange, Ouellette

As you can see, I didn't believe her. So I asked for further proof...

Bangor Moose on the loose 7, Ouellette

She sent me this, with the message "Take a drive!"

I then explained I was in Gorham, and nowhere near my house. I asked her where the moose was, and she answered "Across from Rogans and a white house."

At that point, I knew right where it was. It's not far from where I live. But I still couldn't figure out what would bring a moose to my neighborhood!? So I asked her what it was doing since she was apparently right there with it,

Her response: "Eating leaves." And she wasn't wrong. There it was, eating leaves off one of my neighbor's trees.

Bangor Moose on the loose 2, Ouellette

I was curious how my pal happened upon the scene, so I inquired.

"I pulled over because there were a lot of vehicles stopped in the road. [My son] spotted it, under a tree. I didn’t even see it at first. I was just trying to figure out why traffic was stopped."

Bangor Moose on the loose 4, Ouellette
Bangor Moose on the loose 6, Ouellette

"It walked toward  our vehicle, then it went right next to [my son's window.] He could’ve touched it."

Bangor Moose on the loose 5, Ouellette
Bangor Moose on the loose 3, Ouellette

"It was very calm, its ears were down when it walked by [the] window. Its ears went up when it was in the middle of the road, walking. Some people were out of their cars taking pictures."

Bangor Moose on the loose 9, Ouellette

We've had porcupines and deer wander through the neighborhood. There's a fisher that lives nearby. And a couple of times we've even had a bear make its way through to the backyard. But this is the first time since I've been here--and I've been here for almost 13 years--that a moose has been on the loose on my street. And I missed the entire thing!

Bangor Moose on the loose 1, Ouellette

Like I figures!

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