Look. I don't want whine too much about spending all-day outside this past Saturday as we enjoy this summerlike weather. But, I'm gonna have to. Because...BLACK FLIES!

My wife Sherry and I drove up to visit with our son and his fiancée for the weekend. We had an absolute blast playin' cornhole, grillin' and chuggin' brewskis. It really is wonderful to get out in the yard and celebrate as we transition back to normalcy.

You know what isn't wonderful though, dontcha?  Those aforementioned BLACK FLIES! Is it just us or are they significantly more brutal?  It's seems like they are really bad this season. Of course though, every year we probably say the same thing. "These friggin' black flies are the worst evah!"

My poor wife hung in there with us as long as she could. You see...she doesn't do bugs and we weren't prepared to keep them away. You can bet I picked up some spray the following day. Now next time we go up for a cookout, I'll have the right stuff for us to slather on and those black flies can go find another family gathering to terrorize.

Alrighty then, let's have  a chuckle. A few years back, we featured an infomercial parody promoting the Yoga for Yankees exercise DVD.

One of the moves they teach you is 'The Black Fly' to loosen up those arms and swat 'em away.

Now, here's the New Hampshire humorist that brought us the Yoga for Yankees DVD, Fred Marple. He's got a little numbah we can all suffah along with.

This parody song complains about the yearly invasion of those awful, pesky biters, the Black Flies.

He sings it to the tune of the familiar warm weather standard, Blue Skies made popular by Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson and others.

"Never seen bugs, stubborn as this...bites on my face, welts on my wrist."

Now somebody spray me down from head to toe with some repellent...STAT!!!

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