There have been many incentives offered to people not yer vaccinated in an attempt to get the country to 70% vaccination rate by the 4th of July. Governor Janet Mills announced that $1 for each Mainer vaccinated between now and the 4th will be entered into a lottery.

The estimated prize is expected to be around $875,000 when the state draws the winning name over the July 4th holiday. Some of the other incentives that have been offered are Portland Sea Dogs tickets, L.L. Bean gift cards, as well as hunting and fishing licenses. You can get free passes to various tourist attractions in some areas and there are dealerships offering custom trucks.  

But I already got my vaccine! 

Incentivizing people to get a vaccination is just another unique footnote in the coronavirus pandemic. It's truly a unique time in history when we are being offered the chance at almost a million dollars for getting a shot in the arm. If you've been vaccinated you are probably a little irritated to see that those who have waited, might be rewarded for the delay. Let us know how you feel about the incentives being offered after the initial rounds of vaccinations were given without incentives.

What's it going to take? 

If you have not yet received a vaccine, what will it take to get you to take a shot? I have spoken to people who say they will never get the vaccination, and I understand their reasoning. Remember, it is everyone's personal choice to get the vaccine or not. Maine joins a long list of states offering a lottery for those who get a vaccination and we will find out in two weeks if the incentive was a success. Some other ideas for incentives I've heard people ask for are gas cards, restaurant gift cards, trips, or even forgiveness on some student debt.

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Tell me what you want

Tell us in the comments what incentives you'd like to see rolled out and keep scrolling for some fun!  

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