There have been two new businesses in Presque Isle that have recently opened their doors. The business community in the Star-City and surrounding towns has been reshaping since the onset of the pandemic. Over the last weekend we told you about the closing of Ben's Trading Post in Presque Isle, and today we are happy to tell you about Fuel ME Nutrition and the Lotus Lounge.  

The two new businesses are not connected and both refuel you in different ways. Lotus Lounge is located in the building that was most recently occupied by Wintergreen Arts Center at 149 State Street. This lounge just had its licenses approved last week by city council so we anticipate they will become busier as word gets out about the new watering hole in town. 

Fuel ME Nutrition is located in the plaza on North Street in Presque Isle. To be exact, the address is 17 North Street and Fuel ME Nutrition sits right next to MoonDance Studios. They will be providing healthy shakes and energizing teas to help you recover and refuel in a healthy manner. Fuel ME Nutrition has dozens, if not close to 100 different combinations of flavors and teas you can have them put together for you. The menu is extensive and there are caffeine free options for children or anyone else with a caffeine sensitivity.  

The business landscape in our area is changing before our eyes and the best thing we can do is to welcome the changes and visit the new businesses. Good luck to the Lotus Lounge and Fuel ME Nutrition!

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