For the 11th year in a row Women, Work, and Community offered their hands-on, day-long Totally Trades Conference on the Northern Maine Community College campus.

Josh Archer - TSM

The Totally Trades Conference features sessions ranging from carpentry, cable technician to heavy equipment operation and welding, all providing an opportunity for students to experience some aspect of the profession through a practical exercise.

The conference is a free, one-day event for Aroostook County girls in grades 8 through 12.

135 girls from around Aroostook County registered today. I had the privilege to speak with event organizer Suzanne Senechal-Jandreau of Women, Work, and Community, as well as students Sydnee Waters and Madison Yakel about what was happening today and why they were there.

Funding for the activity is made possible through monies and in-kind services provided by the Maine Department of Transportation, Maine Department of Education/CTE, K-PEL Industrial Services, Northern Maine Development Commission/APP/LEAD, as well as other local sponsors.

For more information on the Totally Trades conference visit or contact Suzanne Senechal-Jandreau at (207) 764-0050.