I know what you're thinking: "Summer is barely over with, why would I be thinking about Christmas shopping now?" Well, there are plenty of good reasons to start that holiday shopping well in advance!

Seriously, it won't be long before old Saint Nick pays a visit to all of the good little boys and girls across the world. I bet you're thinking you have lots of time, but it creeps up on you fast!


I have always been an early shopper. I don't get stressed out when the holidays come around, because I pick up little things throughout the year.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to start your Christmas Shopping early.

  • It actually saves you money! If you buy things throughout the year, you can actually shop around and save some money. Rather than forking over the big bucks at the last minute.
  • You'll avoid procrastination. You'll actually be able to enjoy your family and friends if you shop soon than later, rather than be stressed that your shopping isn't done.
  • If you shop early, nothing is picked over. You will have the best selection and not have to settle on some mediocre gift.
  • You will actually avoid the crowds and lines. Sign me up!
  • You can actually be strategic with your gift giving. Meaning, when someone casually says "Oh I would love to have this or that!", you're all over it... And they don't have a clue!

Christmas shopping can actually be fun! You can spread it out over the course of a few months and get everyone on your list a heart-felt gift they will love!   Christmas shopping doesn't have to be stressful!

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