Poll Results: What Do You Want to See at the Old Burger King in Presque Isle, Maine?

We asked the question and the results are in. This was a fun poll. A chance to share some ideas on the best fast food place or restaurant (or something else) to go where the Burger King used to be in Presque Isle, Maine.

The Poll was Close

We had a lot of activity on social media as people suggested their favorite businesses to add to our economy in Star City.

It was a close one for the top picks. The numbers were separated by just fractions of a percentage. These are really good choices. Any one of them would do well here.

Top 3 Businesses We'd Like to See at the Old Burger King in Presque Isle:

  • Wendy’s at 23.27%

  • Five Guys at 22.27%

  • Chick-fil-A at 16.40%

See the full list and the poll results

Vote on the Top 3

Now, we want to finalize the voting with a look at the top 3 in the poll. What’s it going to be?

If it helps, picture you and your family and friends enjoying the best of the best food and drink at one of these fine establishments. Now, get in there and take the poll. Let your voice be heard.

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Wish List

Just a reminder that these companies have not necessarily said they are coming to town. It’s a wish list. Also, some of the businesses are not even in Maine yet. Maybe we could be the first to have something no other place around has.

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