The patrons of Tim Hortons in Presque Isle were notified over the weekend that the popular location will be modifying its hours over the coming weeks due to staffing issues. The café and coffee shop are the latest business to be forced into changing operating hours because of a limited work force willing to take on the task. 

Social media was a buzz on Saturday and Sunday as many people showed up for a weekend coffee only to find the store closed in the afternoon. A representative from the Presque Isle location posted on various social media groups that the store will now operate 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday. The lobby is closed until further notice and this location will be a drive-thru only service. Signs were posted on the doors on Sunday to notify everyone about the need to adjust the operations at Tim Hortons. 

Tim Horton's in Presque Isle JC/TSM
Tim Horton's in Presque Isle JC/TSM

Long lines and shortened hours are becoming the "new normal” when it comes to restaurants and cafes. Most fast-food restaurants in Aroostook County are now a drive-thru only locations and very few lobbies are opened for diners. The Dunkin Donuts location on Main Street in Presque Isle has gone back to drive-thru only, after a two-week run of being able to have customers choose to go inside or drive-thru. The McDonald's, Arby's, and KFC/Taco Bell regularly have lines that can reach into the road many times throughout the day as people try to mix up their dining routine. The options are quickly becoming limited at chains are forced to limit hours and some of our local options are shutting down all together.   

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We knew that the economic fallout of the pandemic would hit us at some point, but right now Maine seems to be taking a beating as businesses are continuing to struggle to find employees. Keep pushing, and know that brighter days are ahead.

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