Every day, most of us do or have made our way to the place where we make our living. That daily destination is what we call - the workplace. However, we don't go alone.

One of the biggest challenges of going to work everyday is having to overlook, endure, put up with and, at times, embrace the idiosyncrasies and habits of those we work with.

Whether good or bad.

As with any habit, some of the habits our co-workers exhibit each work day are good, however there are many that can drive us up the wall.

A website called Vapourcore.com recently conducted two survey's dealing with the habits of people at work. The first surveyed 1,002 Brit's and they were asked what were some of the most irritating habits they have noticed at their place of work. The second asked them to identify what habits were the most unbearable.

Vapourcore found that the worst co-worker habit was 'offensive odor.' (No surprises here).

Geoffrey James lists the top 5 most offensive habits of co-workers.

  1. Offensive Body Odor
  2. Ignoring Email's
  3. Not Washing Up
  4. Messy Desks
  5. Interrupting

What's your #6? What is the most irritating thing that a co-worker, or co-workers do that really bother you or you wish they would change? Share those thoughts with us in the comments section below.



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