It's always interesting when celebrities come to town. In a place like Bangor (and I've heard this is one of the things Stephen King enjoyed when he lived here) it's kind of easy for famous folks to move about without too much fanfare. They're able to do normal things without being dogged by scores of paparazzi or fans.

A rising star of the Pop world, The Kid Laroi found that out for himself this weekend when he came into town to play the Cross Insurance Center Saturday night.

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Before he hit the stage, Laroi hit the search of some good snacks and drinks.

He found himself at Bangor's own "Wicked Brew Cafe" on Park Street.

The coffee shop posted this picture on its Facebook page Saturday afternoon, before the show.

Kid Laroi at Wicked Brew in Bangor, Betsy Greene
Benjamin Holt & Kid Laroi at Wicked Brew in Bangor, Betsy Greene


"The Kid Laroi came in at the end of the day...It was really neat. We were very honored to have him come in.

Cafe owner Carrie Holt says when Laroi came in, one of her employees pointed him out, as he was only with a couple of other people.

Holt said that she and her husband Benjamin Holt chatted with him for a short time. He mentioned to the couple that he had noticed the cafe and wanted a closer look.

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"He saw that we had really good food and coffee and wanted to check us out, he tried one of our bagels and grabbed one of the liquid Death waters we sell."

Laroi was very down-to-earth, Holt explained, and very approachable.

"He was very pleasant to talk with and was very sweet to my husband Ben...when he found out we are about to have a baby this coming week and wished us the best! And actually took the time and was very humble and showed much excitement for us. He also said he enjoyed Bangor and saw our shop and really wanted to come check us out and really liked the vibes we had."

Laroi went on from there to play a packed house at the Cross Center later that night.

The Kid LAROI Performs At Lodge Room In Los Angeles, CA
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Here are some fan videos of him from that evening. (There is some language, so click with caution.)


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