It's great to be in a place in the County that is no stranger to hot air balloons. Hot air balloons have been around for centuries and we're ready to see them here.

Many people may not know about this little nugget of truth, but ballooning has been around since the late 1700's.

In 1783 there were two Aviators from Annonay, France whose last name was Montgolfier. With a big balloon and a straw-fed fire, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Eitenne Montgolfier were able to successfully make the first flight by hot air balloon.

Today, balloon pilots no longer use straw fires in their baskets but have moved on to propane, which is far more efficient and less smoky, to say the least.

Presque Isle has its own history where balloons are concerned. In 1978, Presque Isle residents saw the Double Eagle II make its way from the Star City all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.

Moving a bit farther north, Caribou was the launch site of one Joe Kittinger, who became the first man to make a solo Transatlantic flight in 1984.

In 2004, Bill Whelan and Dena Winslow, both balloon pilots, convinced the Presque Isle Area Chamber of Commerce to hold an event, that was part of the Isle Fest.

Here's a video about the history of hot air ballooning as it is and was. Enjoy!