You can't deny that we all did this when we were kids.  No matter how many times our parents warned us about the dangers of falling icicles, we would creep close to the house and snag one off the eaves.  Then, we would either use it to have a sword fight with our friends or, more likely, we'd lick or eat it.

Even though mom and dad drilled it into our heads we shouldn't eat yellow snow, they probably didn't caution us much about eating the occasional icicles (probably because they had told us not to go near them).

Well, they should have!

Those icicles were produced by water than ran off your nasty, gross, roof.  According to National Poly Industries, some of the gross stuff on your roof could include airborne chemicals, micro-organisms living on the rotting leaves that have fallen on the roof and, of course, bird poop.  Not to mention the dangerous chemicals that may be shed from the roof itself, depending on what the roof is made of.

Meteorologist Katie Nickoloau took to TikTok to remind us why we shouldn't eat them!

So, basically, don't eat them because, well, poop!

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