The County

Scam Warning
I just received an envelope from FedEx yesterday here in the County, so this is a timely warning. But others are receiving them and they're disguised as a scam.
Black Bear Video
Video from way up in the County... a bear actually climbed a tree to get away from flood waters in Fort Fairfield!
Summer Internship Placements Needed
Are you looking for summer help to assist with a project, events, or general office help? Do you or your staff have a lot of daily tasks that get in the way of more creative, higher level projects?
County Pot Holes
Tire damage isn’t the only thing that can happen to your vehicle when you hit a pothole, but a slew of other damages can occur in the County as well. Especially Presque Isle!
Native Mainers
When someone travels to Maine from away, sites may seem a little weird to them. But for those who are native to the Pine Tree State, they are signs of home.
Snowmobiling In The County
If you have yet to snowmobile in the county, then you are missing out on one of the things that make living in northern Maine worth it. Our sled trails rock!

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