How To Questions Mainers Google Search
The website published a blog recently that looks at what how-to questions each state google searches more frequently than any other state. Before I saw the answer for Maine, I was thinking it would maybe be something about lobsters, skiing, ice fishing, but nope, the how-to question we …
What Dad Related Things Mainers Google Search The Most
We hope you enjoyed your Father's Day. Maybe you treated Dad to a barbecue or even bought him a nice gift. Maybe you even used Google to research a gift idea for Dad. researched what each of the U.S. states Google searched more than any of the other states. So what do Mainers Googl…
Ayla Reynolds
State Police, Game Wardens and Waterville Police are searching a wooded area in Oakland today in their continued effort to locate Ayla Reynolds, according to Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland.