Funny Kid Video
If you're from Maine, then you have probably heard all of the many different accents from across the state from the French Canadian accent to the Downeast Maine accent. And while Little Peter is no stranger to the Downeast accent, he is very familiar with how many Mainers make a living.
Lumberjack Camp
A Maine college is looking to help train the next generation of lumberjacks with a week of hands-on experience.
Heat Costs
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s administration is pushing a proposal to use money generated from increased logging on public lands to fund a program designed to help residents reduce their energy bills.
Logging Trucks Collide
Two fully-loaded logging trucks collided on a narrow bridge in Northern Maine Wednesday morning, sending one driver to the hospital.  According to the Aroostook County Sheriff's Department, the crash happened on the Pinkham Road, west of Ashland.