Kids React to Hearing AC/DC for the First Time [VIDEO]
You and I have AC/DC actually embedded into our DNA. But what about the next generation? There are people on the planet who have NEVER heard AC/DC....and most of them are under 12 years-old. Check out what happens when kids hear Angus and the Boys for the very first time...
You Can Help
The new school year is about to begin! For some it's very exciting time, but one in four Maine children is struggling with hunger. The Locker Project wants to change that...
Kids Fishing Tournament
The Perth-Andover Recreation Commission and NB Pro Bass Association are sponsoring a Kids Bass Tournament on Sunday, October 4th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on the waterfront in Perth-Andover.
Kids Backpack Baxter
It's wonderful to see our kids have the opportunity of a lifetime, and to do it right in our own back yard!
Aroostook county and Western New Brunswick youth entering 6th through 10th grade will have the opportunity to go Backpacking Baxter State Park coming up on Thursday, June 25th through Sund…

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