Kevin James

Adam Sandler Returning to TV for Kevin James’ ‘Kevin Can Wait’
No one was exactly over the moon for another Kevin James family sitcom, and some recent showrunner shifts for CBS’ Kevin Can Wait can certainly attest to that, but the series will at least get one notable boost. Reports reveal Adam Sandler will take a break from his Netflix deal to guest on his friend’s show, just as he’d done for King of Queens.
Kevin James to Suit Up for Inspirational Football Movie ‘44’
A firm believer that it’s never too late to teach an old dog some new tricks, a 44-year-old Tennessee man named Joey Williams returned to college in 2003 to complete the degree he never finished. While enrolled at Jackson, Tennessee’s own Lambuth University, he decided to get the full collegiate experience by joining the football team as a lineman and playing alongside the young bucks — one of whom, in a stranger-than-fiction twist, just so happened to be Williams’ son. Fulfilling a lifelong dream of playing college ball that was once stymied by a busted knee in his senior year of high school, Williams provided NPR with an inspirational human-interest story for their segment “A Lineman At 44.”
New ‘Pixels’ Trailer Pits Adam Sandler Against Video Game Aliens
It’s no secret that Pixels began its life as a short film, a special effects demo that showed off some inventive and amusing imagery that wasn’t required to have things like, you know, a plot or characters. So the feature version of Pixels had to find an excuse for classic arcade characters to invade Earth and that excuse was aliens. Who look like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong for some reason. And whose greatest opponent is Adam Sandler. Okay. The new trailer isn’t going to change your mind if that premise still sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
‘Pixels’ Trailer: It’s On Like Donkey Kong
Lately there haven't been many video game movies that have been very good. There also haven't been many Adam Sandler movies that have been very good. So, how about this Adam Sandler video game movie?... Wait, where are you going?! Pixels is not your standard Adam Sandler or video game movie and, based on this trailer, you might want to give it a chance.