The 2016 Most Charitable States
Source: WalletHub
The holiday season means givng back and has complied their list of the '2016 Most Charitable States. To make their list they used 13 key metrics, from volunteering their time to monitary donations.
Awesome Ways to Deal With Halloween Candy Surplus!
Now that we have some distance from trick or treating, many of us have a stash of unwanted candy. Whether it's nuts or nougat, (what is that anyway?), you probably have some candy to re-distribute!
Here are some suggestions:

Put it in the freezer and save it for decorating gingerbread houses during th…
UK Man Kickflips For MS
This is a great video for anyone who likes to take on the challenge of learning a new skill or perhaps talking yourself out of doing just that. Meet Mike Boyd who had a video go viral last year trying to perfect a skateboard trick. The video caught the attention of a professional skateboarded (who k…
2015 Northern Invasion: Men of Tyre Charity Motorcycle Ride
Love to get out there and ride, and enjoy the fresh air? What would be even better than that would be riding for a cause!
And that's just what the Northern Invasion: Men of Tyre Charity Motorcycle Ride is all about! The Second Annual charity ride take place on Saturday, June 27th, and will leave the …

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