"Don't trust the ones who love you / 'Cause if you love them back, they'll always disappoint you / It's just a matter of fact," Susanne Sundfor sings off the top of her brokenhearted ballad, "Undercover."

The Norwegian singer-songwriter, known for her own soul-stirring records over the past decade including "The Brothel," "White Foxes" and "Kamikaze," as well as collaborations with M83 ("Oblivion"), Kleerup ("Let Me In") and Röyksopp ("Never Ever," "Running to the Sea"), returns this August with her latest studio album, Music For People In Trouble.

Inspired by a cross-continental trip "from North Korea to the Amazon jungle" following 2015's Ten Love Songs, Sundfor's latest record is a reflection on The Way Things Are at the moment, resulting in her "most poignant" album to date.

“We are living in a time of great changes. Everything is moving so rapidly, sometimes violently, sometimes dauntingly. I think a lot of people experience anxiety these days. I wanted to address these emotions on the album,” she explains in the accompanying press release.

"Undercover," released today along with the album announcement, is a stunning display of singer's arresting voice, bolstered by heaven-sent harmonies and a subtle lonesome twang, making the been-burnt-before ballad feel like a holy hymn in its soaring final moments.

"It wouldn't even matter if you didn't even bother to be more than a lover!" she cries out.

Music For People In Trouble is out on August 25.

Listen to "Undercover" below, and see the album's track listing. You can also listen to a Spotify playlist that the singer put together, comprising tracks from artists including Phantogram and Norah Jones who inspired the LP.

1. "Mantra"
2. "Reincarnation"
3. "Good Luck Bad Luck"
4. "The Sound Of War"
5. "Music For People In Trouble"
6. "Bedtime Story"
7. "Undercover"
8. "No One Believes In Love Anymore"
9. "The Golden Age"
10. "Mountaineers feat. John Grant"

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