Police and public works officials in Fort Fairfield say up to 15 dark green street signs have been stolen from intersections recently, in the Riverside and Elm Street areas and several other locations. 

Fort Fairfield Police Chief Shawn Newell, who took over the position this week for retiring Chief Bill Campbell says, "While our pretty little green signs may be tempting for sticky fingered souvenir hunters, it costs you, the tax payers, a lot of money to replace them.."

Town of Fort Fairfield
Town of Fort Fairfield

The signs are valued at about $25 each.

In his second Facebook post in his new position, Newell asked parents to check bedrooms for signs which may have been taken as souvenirs.

"If you find a sign I don't want you dragging junior into the station by the hair of his/her head and demanding I take little Johnny or Suzy to jail. We just want our pretty signs back (actually they're pretty ugly)."

Newell added that anyone caught in the act of taking a sign will face charges.

Street signs serve not only as location information, but as important traffic coordinators.

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