When Story Land initially announced that they were doing a "nostalgia night", an adults-only evening where mom and dad can feel like kids again, they had no idea the interest would be so incredibly high. Their first nostalgia night sold out almost immediately, leaving Story Land to hurry up and plan another one. And guess what? They have.

Facebook via Story Land
Facebook via Story Land

Story Land has officially unveiled plans for a second nostalgia night from 6pm to 10pm on Tuesday, July 9th. Different rides and attractions will be open to the adults-only crowd and your admission will include the same timeless photo opportunities you remember as a child but will ALSO include a chance to enjoy some adult beverages and live music inside of the park. One thing to remember before buying a ticket, you must be 21+ to enter the park for nostalgia night.

Just like the first one, Story Land expects interest to be high for this event. Tickets are on-sale now. Time to feel like (almost) a kid again for one night only.

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