The Splash Pad in Presque Isle’s Riverside Park opened July 9 for you to cool off this summer with family and friends.

The hours of operation are 12-7 everyday (weather permitting).

The Presque Isle Recreation Department said in a Facebook post July 10. "There are additional rules that will be strictly enforced."

The splash pad will operate for 10 minute sessions and then users will have to exit the gated area and the next group can enter.

- Maximum of 20 people on the splash pad surface at one time.
- Participants waiting in line must be 6' apart unless they are all family members residing in the same household.
- The line for the splash pad will go down the bike path towards Kennedy Brook.
- 6' distance marks have been painted along the path.
- The line for concessions will wrap around the opposite side of the building. Everyone in line must remain spaced at 6'.

Get out and enjoy the nice summer sun at the park this year. This is a chance for you to connect and reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a little while.

There’s a lot to do in the area and a lot of warm days to do it.

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